Saturday Program Guide

12:00AMJay Sekulow LiveJay Sekulow
1:00AMPillow TalkDr. Kent Smith
1:30AMHealthlineDr. Robert Marshall
2:00AMYour Home, Your ChoiceDan Bourland and John Cowan
3:00AMEnd of the AgeW. Neil Gallagher, Ph.D.
3:30AMHope for the HeartJune Hunt
4:00AMThe Narrow PathSteve Gregg
4:55AMThe StandDonald B. Crawford
5:00AMThe Bottom LineRoger Marsh
6:00AMIn TouchDr. Charles Stanley
6:30AM"Best of" Programming
7:00AMLove Worth FindingAdrian Rogers
7:25AMThe StandDonald B. Crawford
7:30AM"Best of" Programming
8:00AMMoney MattersKen Moraif
9:00AMTelling the TruthPete, Jill, and Stuart Briscoe
9:30AMReal LifeJack Hibbs
10:00AMYour Family MattersW. Neil Gallagher, Ph.D.
11:00AMHealthlineDr. Robert Marshall
12:00PMJay Sekulow LiveJay Sekulow
1:00PMRecover JoyLorri Lancashire and Janice Gaunt
1:30PMYour Home, Your ChoiceJohn Cowan
2:00PMClassic ChristianityBob George
2:30PMKnow Your Legal RightsMichael Cohen
3:00PMPillow TalkDr. Kent Smith
3:30PMThe Narrow PathSteve Gregg
4:30PMMoney LessonsLance Thayer
5:00PMThe Reverse Mortgage HourNorman Williams
6:00PMKey LifeSteve Brown
7:00PMLove Worth FindingAdrian Rogers
7:25PMThe StandDonald B. Crawford
7:30PM"Best of" Programming
8:00PM"Best of" Programming
9:00PMTelling the TruthPete, Jill, and Stuart Briscoe
9:30PMReal LifeJack Hibbs
10:00PMYour Family MattersW. Neil Gallagher, Ph.D.
11:00PMHealthlineDr. Robert Marshall