Churches in Action

Pastor Doug Page First Baptist Grapevine

Tune into Churches in Action this week on Tuesday at 1:30PM – moved to a different time because of SMU basketball – and Sunday at 10:30AM when we talk with Pastor Doug Page of

Pastor McQuitty IRVING BIBLE Part Two

CIA welcomes Pastor Andy McQuitty from Irving Bible for part 2 of his journey to becoming an accomplished author and ministering to the public.  Pastor tells us

Pastor Jared First Irving

 Pastor Jared Richard from First Irving details the process of writing his sermons and how to apply God’s word in daily life.  Listen as


Join KAAM for a special edition of Churches in Action tonight, Thursday, October 18 at 6:30PM.  I have the honor of talking to Nick Hall, the

Pastor Chris Lindberg Life Fellowship

Churches in Action dives into grace and truth this week with Pastor Chris Lindberg, from Life Fellowship, who guides us on how these two essential virtues

PART 2 Pastor Afshin

Tune in Wednesday at 6:30PM for part 2 of CIA’s talk with Pastor Afshin.  It’s a riveting conversation that goes from marriage and parenting to dating.  Whatever