Sunday Program Guide

12:00AMJay Sekulow LiveJay Sekulow
1:00AMThe David Spoon ExperienceDavid Spoon
2:00AMClassic ChristianityBob George
2:30AMKnow Your Legal RightsMichael Cohen
3:00AM"Best of" Programming
3:30AMThe Narrow PathSteve Gregg
4:30AMReal LifeJack Hibbs
5:00AM"Best of" Programming
6:00AMPublic Affairs
6:30AMIn TouchDr. Charles Stanley
7:00AMLift Up JesusPastor Dudley Rutherford
7:30AMThe Voice of TruthL.R. Shelton, Sr.
8:00AMLake Country JubileeHarold Marshall
9:00AMWorship & the WordPastor Robert Morris
9:30AMCome & SeePastor Thomas Q. Robbins
10:00AMLove Letters from ElohimVito Carillo
11:00AMMain St. Church of ChristPastor Kelly Lawson
12:00PMIn TouchDr. Charles Stanley
12:30PMVim & Vigor
12:55PMThe StandDonald B. Crawford
1:00PMLiving God MinistriesAaron Budjen
1:30PMChurches in ActionTiffany Jones
2:00PMThru the BibleDr. J. Vernon McGee
2:45PM"Best of" Programming
3:00PMAttacking Alzheimer'sJulie DeHarty
3:30PMFamily TalkDr. James Dobson
4:00PMHealthlineDr. Robert Marshall
5:00PMLove Letters from ElohimVito Carillo
6:00PMLift Up JesusPastor Dudley Rutherford
6:30PM"Best of" Programming
7:00PMLove Worth FindingAdrian Rogers
7:30PMReal LifeJack Hibbs
8:00PMLake Country JubileeHarold Marshall
9:00PMWorship & the WordPastor Robert Morris
9:30PMCome & SeePastor Thomas Q. Robbins
10:00PMMain St. Church of ChristPastor Kelly Lawson
11:00PMTelling the TruthPete, Jill & Stuart Briscoe
11:30PM"Best of" Programming